Throughout a two-decade career spent primarily as a sports reporter and editor, I’ve had the opportunity to cover everything from major-college football and professional tennis to space shuttle launches to the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Producing quick, clean and accurate copy on deadline became second nature as I spent six years covering Major League Baseball beats in Tampa and Cincinnati, but I also have years of experience turning out more in-depth features and projects. My time as an editor/producer for two national websites has honed my knack for catching mistakes in copy and provided plenty of practice in writing both snappy and SEO-friendly headlines. More recently, I have managed a department as sports editor and helped start a sports news agency from the ground up.

My interests outside sports have multiplied in recent years, attributable at least in part to spending at least 100 nights a year on the road annually from 2004-09. Travel already was among my favorite pastimes, but my appreciation for discovering new sights, restaurants and pubs is deeper now than ever before.

When not scheming with my wife about whether our family’s next journey will involve tents and kayaks or subway passes and locally brewed beer, I can usually be found staring longingly at the shelves in a bookstore or reading from my stack of recent purchases.

Marc Lancaster / Charlotte, North Carolina